Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hectic 2 days!


Alhamdulillah i have been quite busy the past 2 days


Busy with my mesin jahitlah. What else! Hehe. Had accomplised what i wanted. 3 bags! Alhamdulillah angan2 maklang became true late evening due to some matters that i have to attend to.;) Alhamdulillah Allah made it all easy for me to accomplish!

One down. I was interrupted bybthe arrival of these!

And these

They are gifts for the commitees of PIBG SMKRP! Thank you to a friend ie the towkey for suggesting the combo! They are so awesome!

Then later after zohor continued with this

Eldest daughter called me up. Nangis2. Stress dengan group mate. Penat lah tu! And lapar! Cian anak mak...

Sambil2 cakap , i did this one rasanya

Dekat2 nak petang sangat, pkpentadbiran dropped by. As usual stuck for more than 1/2 hr..

Saya suka cakap dengan kak Lina tentang sekolah. 

Hehe.. When it comes to school project, i am so excited! Alhamdulillah !

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