Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ronn Hirfan was here yesterday!


Alhamdulillah it was a good day yesterday.

Marathon masak2 semalam. Mee kari utk our guests, ayam masak serai dan daging berlada utk bekal ke Melaka. Yes we will be going to Melaka tomorrow insyaALLAH . Will be staying at a homestay some 7km away from my Angah, insyaALLAH ..

After the cooking, i went out to town. I was pressured by my Maya.. Mak.. Kasut Maya bila?.. So the 1st stop was at Princess. Finally she got her pair of Scholl, something that looks like a shoe without the back part of it. I don't know what it is called.

Then, we headed to Kamdar where i bought loads of material for my 'work'.. Then went to find some crossstith threads and otw back i saw an indian muslim selling this:)

By 12:30pm, we were already home Alhamdulillah 

We waited for Ronn excitingly, and finally Dodie, Mas and of course Ronn arrived. He is such an adorable boy... Alhamdulillah got to hug and kiss him so many times.. The first time we met he gave me his fist when i wanted to kiss him.. Hehe.. But not anymore.. He is such a lovely boy.. Alhamdulillah ..

It was such a lovely day yesterday.. Alhamdulillah . Thank you mass and dodie..we really enjoyed ouselves!

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